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Urban Boxing's Elite Sparring & Fighter Classes

Step into the domain where fighters are forged and skills are sharpened. Urban Boxing’s Sparring and Fighter Classes are not just about throwing punches; they’re about strategy, endurance, and the art of combat. Every Thursday, we open the ring for those ready to transcend training, offering a space where technique is tested and warriors are born. Prepare to engage, to strategize, and to conquer. Are you ready to meet your challenge?

Beyond the Gloves: The Making of a Boxer

The Anatomy of Our Sparring Sessions

Each session is a deep dive into the world of professional boxing. From mastering footwork to understanding the subtleties of offence and defence, our sparring classes are a microcosm of the boxing world. Under the vigilant eye of our seasoned coaches, fighters engage in bouts that test not just physical prowess but also mental fortitude and tactical understanding. With safety as a steadfast priority, each punch thrown and dodged is a step toward boxing excellence.

Your Path to Boxing Mastery

Join the Ranks

At Urban Boxing, commitment meets flexibility. For those eager to fully immerse themselves in the boxing discipline, our comprehensive weekly membership is your golden ticket. This exclusive pass grants you unfettered access to regular group classes, state-of-the-art gym facilities, and the adrenaline-fueled Sparring and Fighter Classes. Prefer a more flexible approach? You’re welcome to dive into any class, any time, with our simple drop-in option. Membership at Urban Boxing isn’t just about regular attendance; it’s about joining a community, a family united by the love of the sport and the pursuit of greatness. Your ring, your rules — start your journey today.

Weekly Membership

Starts From $ 49 / Week
  • 3x Day Sessions to the below:
  • - Group Classes
  • - Sparring/Fighter Class
  • Access to Urban Gym Usage
  • Access to Running Team

Suitable For All Levels

Single Session Sparing Class

$ 15 / Session
  • Real-World Practice: Experience the thrill and challenge of a real bout through controlled sparring
  • Safety First: Sessions conducted in a secure, supervised environment prioritising boxer safety
  • Strategic Insight: Gain direct feedback on your techniques and strategies from experienced sparring partners and coaches
  • Adapt & Overcome: Learn to adapt to different fighting styles, honing your in-ring problem-solving skills
  • Confidence Building: Overcome nerves and build confidence as you face off with peers in a supportive setting.
  • Required: Mouthguard, Headgear & 16oz gloves

Suitable For Intermediate & Advance

Step Into the Challenge

Sparring Fighter Class Test Your Might

Ready for the real test? Our Sparring Classes are where theory meets action, available through our inclusive membership or for a single drop-in fee. Every Thursday evening, step into the ring with the necessary gear — a mouthguard, headgear, and 16oz gloves — and put your skills to the ultimate test. These sessions, under strict supervision, offer a platform to apply learned techniques, challenge your reflexes, and refine your in-ring strategy, all while promoting resilience and sportsmanship. Whether through consistent training with a membership or the flexibility of single sessions, your boxing journey adapts to your lifestyle, ensuring an experience as dedicated as you are.


Frequently Asked About Training

Sparring classes provide a controlled environment where you can practice boxing with an opponent under the supervision of experienced coaches. Unlike training drills or bag work, sparring allows you to test your skills in real-time scenarios, improving your reaction time, strategy, and technique.

Yes, for your safety, you are required to have a mouthguard, headgear, and 16oz gloves for sparring sessions. These pieces of equipment help protect you and your sparring partner from injuries during practice bouts.

Our sparring classes are designed for intermediate and advanced boxers who have already grasped the fundamentals of boxing and have sufficient training experience. These sessions provide a more challenging environment where seasoned boxers can test their skills, refine their techniques, and engage with opponents at a higher skill level. While we value comprehensive skill development, these classes demand a certain degree of proficiency and confidence in boxing to ensure the safety and benefit of all participants.

Safety is our top priority. All sparring sessions are closely supervised by professional coaches. Boxers are instructed on proper sparring etiquette and rules before sessions, and the intensity is monitored to ensure a safe training environment. Protective gear is also mandatory.

Sparring is where everything you've learned during training comes together. It improves your ring awareness, defence, counterpunching, and the ability to read your opponent. It's about putting theory into practice, helping you understand the practical application of techniques in a live setting.

Our membership options include access to sparring classes, ensuring you have a comprehensive training regimen. However, for non-members or those wanting to try a class, there is also an option to pay for single sparring sessions.

Make sure you're well-rested, hydrated, and have eaten properly. Arrive with all the necessary protective gear. It's also important to come with an open mind, ready to learn, and understand that sparring is about skill development, not winning or losing.


Real Results, Real Testimonials

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Lizard KingLizard King
05:18 21 Sep 23
Lovely family owned business, fantastic group boxing classes. Great value, no contract, and great time in the evenings. The staff are always so welcoming and supportive. I recommend to everyone!
07:33 29 Apr 23
I’ve trained in quite a few gyms in NSW and overseas, Urban Boxing Gym is a stand out for me. I like technical training and cardio this gym caters for both. Burak and Jen are genuine people who ensure you are getting the most out of your training. If you are a beginner or have been boxing a while this gym is for you. 10/10.
Christopher EggletonChristopher Eggleton
02:33 07 Mar 23
Very professional and the best trainers
Cennet SariCennet Sari
05:58 13 Feb 23
Iesha BrownIesha Brown
09:31 11 Oct 22
Just started at Urban Boxing and i’m already addicted! Jen is so lovely and welcoming and Burak is a great teacher who knows what he’s doing. Can’t recommend them enough! Worth the drive for sure 😊
Rachael SteelRachael Steel
01:18 23 Feb 22
A fantastic boxing studio. Jen & Burak are amazing.I’ve learnt so much and all the trainers are so patient and helpful. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to box properly and gain overall fitness!
Dayanny BergmannDayanny Bergmann
04:25 08 Nov 21
I have been doing boxing for a while with Burak.His boxing style and his techniques are incredible if you want to learn boxing quick and in the right way.Urban Boxing Sydney is a brand new boxing gym, where you can take group classes or even a private class. Great environment and exciting classes to relive the stress and get fit!!! 👌🏽💪🏽

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