Running + Core Workout

Elevate Every Stride and Strengthen Your Core

Maximise Your Fitness with Running and Core Workouts

Elevate your workout routine with our specialised Running and Core Workouts at Urban Boxing & Fitness. Designed to enhance endurance, strengthen core muscles, and boost overall fitness, our program is perfect for those who want to push their limits and achieve comprehensive fitness goals.

Pace Your Way to Peak Performance

Dynamic Running Sessions for Endurance

Our Running Sessions are more than just laps around the track. They’re tailored to improve your stamina, speed, and cardiovascular health. Whether you’re a beginner or an avid runner, our expertly crafted routines will challenge and inspire you to reach new heights of endurance and fortitude.

Tailored Distances to Meet Your Fitness Goals

Choose Your Challenge: 3K or 5K Distance Options

Select the distance that aligns with your fitness ambitions. Our 3K option is perfect for those seeking to build up endurance and speed gradually, while the 5K presents a more demanding challenge for seasoned runners. Both distances are accompanied by core workouts, ensuring a balanced approach to your overall fitness. No matter your choice, you’re embarking on a journey that tests your limits, strengthens your core, and enhances your running prowess. Embrace the challenge and see where your feet can take you!

45-Minute Running + Core Workout Sessions

$ 15 / Session
  • Tailored for All Levels: Suitable for beginners with the 3K and challenging for seasoned runners with the 5K.
  • Endurance and Speed Focus: Build endurance with the 3K option and advance your pace with the 5K.
  • Comprehensive Core Workouts: Integrated core exercises to enhance strength and stability.

Suitable For All Levels


Frequently Asked About Training

Combining running with core workouts offers a holistic approach to fitness. While running improves cardiovascular health and endurance, core exercises strengthen the muscles essential for stability and balance. This combination enhances overall athletic performance and reduces the risk of injuries.

Absolutely! Our 3K program is designed with beginners in mind, offering a gradual introduction to running while focusing on building endurance. The 5K program is more suitable for those with some running experience, but beginners are welcome to challenge themselves if they feel ready.

Performance assessments are conducted regularly to track progress and adjust training plans accordingly. This helps ensure that you are continuously improving and meeting your fitness goals.

Our coaches provide comprehensive support, including technique refinement, pacing strategies, and motivational encouragement. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your best performance while ensuring that you train safely and effectively.


Real Results, Real Testimonials

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Lizard KingLizard King
05:18 21 Sep 23
Lovely family owned business, fantastic group boxing classes. Great value, no contract, and great time in the evenings. The staff are always so welcoming and supportive. I recommend to everyone!
07:33 29 Apr 23
I’ve trained in quite a few gyms in NSW and overseas, Urban Boxing Gym is a stand out for me. I like technical training and cardio this gym caters for both. Burak and Jen are genuine people who ensure you are getting the most out of your training. If you are a beginner or have been boxing a while this gym is for you. 10/10.
Christopher EggletonChristopher Eggleton
02:33 07 Mar 23
Very professional and the best trainers
Cennet SariCennet Sari
05:58 13 Feb 23
Iesha BrownIesha Brown
09:31 11 Oct 22
Just started at Urban Boxing and i’m already addicted! Jen is so lovely and welcoming and Burak is a great teacher who knows what he’s doing. Can’t recommend them enough! Worth the drive for sure 😊
Rachael SteelRachael Steel
01:18 23 Feb 22
A fantastic boxing studio. Jen & Burak are amazing.I’ve learnt so much and all the trainers are so patient and helpful. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to box properly and gain overall fitness!
Dayanny BergmannDayanny Bergmann
04:25 08 Nov 21
I have been doing boxing for a while with Burak.His boxing style and his techniques are incredible if you want to learn boxing quick and in the right way.Urban Boxing Sydney is a brand new boxing gym, where you can take group classes or even a private class. Great environment and exciting classes to relive the stress and get fit!!! 👌🏽💪🏽

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