One-on-One Kids Boxing

Building Young Champions: Every Child's Path to Boxing Mastery

Personalised Training for Young Boxers

Unlock the full potential of your child with our One-on-One Kids Boxing sessions, where personalized attention meets professional expertise. These sessions are meticulously tailored to each young athlete, focusing not only on enhancing their boxing skills but also on their overall physical and mental development. Our experienced coaches work closely with your child to refine techniques, boost their agility and strength, and instil a deeper understanding of the sport’s strategies. It’s a holistic approach that nurtures young talent and turns budding interest into blossoming skill.

Where Safety Meets Excitement

Safe & Engaging Boxing Environment

At Urban Boxing & Fitness, we prioritise creating a secure and engaging environment for our young boxers. Understanding the importance of safety in sports, our one-on-one sessions are conducted with the utmost care, ensuring that each child learns in a risk-free setting. We use age-appropriate equipment and maintain a vigilant eye during training, making sure that safety protocols are always followed. Beyond just safety, our sessions are designed to be fun and stimulating, keeping young minds engaged and excited about learning. This balance of safety and engagement lays the foundation for a positive and enduring relationship with the sport.

Value in Every Session

Journey to Junior Champion: Tailored Classes, Lasting Impact

Our Kids’ Boxing Classes are priced to offer the best value for quality training. We believe in making boxing accessible to all, ensuring every session is an investment in your child’s physical skills and personal growth. Our pricing reflects our commitment to providing top-tier training, fostering agility, strength, and confidence in a supportive and engaging environment. Enroll your child in a program where the cost meets the caliber of coaching and the priceless experience of personal development.

30-Minutes One-On-One Kids Boxing Class

$ 65 / Session
  • - $300 For 5x One-On-One Sessions
  • - $500 For 10x One-On-One Sessions
  • Personalised Attention: Every session is tailored to your child's unique pace and skills.
  • Focused Improvement: 30 minutes of intense, undistracted interaction with a professional coach
  • Flexible Scheduling: Convenient time slots that fit into your busy schedule.
  • Rapid Skill Acquisition: Quicker learning and improvement through one-on-one coaching.

Suitable for Kids Age  6 to 16 Years Old 


Frequently Asked About Training

Absolutely! Our Kids' Group Boxing Classes prioritize safety. We use age-appropriate equipment, ensure strict supervision, and teach techniques that are suitable for children. Our coaches are trained to ensure a safe and fun environment for every participant.

Our group boxing classes cater to children aged 7-12 years old. It's a great age range to introduce kids to the fundamentals of boxing, ensuring they get both physical activity and character-building lessons.

Boxing, when taught correctly, fosters discipline, respect, and sportsmanship. It's more about channeling energy in a controlled manner rather than promoting aggression. Our classes emphasise the sport's technical aspects and the values it upholds.

No, our Kids' Group Boxing Classes focus on techniques, drills, and building foundational skills. We ensure a safe environment where the emphasis is on learning and having fun, not on competition or sparring.


Real Results, Real Testimonials

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Lizard KingLizard King
05:18 21 Sep 23
Lovely family owned business, fantastic group boxing classes. Great value, no contract, and great time in the evenings. The staff are always so welcoming and supportive. I recommend to everyone!
07:33 29 Apr 23
I’ve trained in quite a few gyms in NSW and overseas, Urban Boxing Gym is a stand out for me. I like technical training and cardio this gym caters for both. Burak and Jen are genuine people who ensure you are getting the most out of your training. If you are a beginner or have been boxing a while this gym is for you. 10/10.
Christopher EggletonChristopher Eggleton
02:33 07 Mar 23
Very professional and the best trainers
Cennet SariCennet Sari
05:58 13 Feb 23
Iesha BrownIesha Brown
09:31 11 Oct 22
Just started at Urban Boxing and i’m already addicted! Jen is so lovely and welcoming and Burak is a great teacher who knows what he’s doing. Can’t recommend them enough! Worth the drive for sure 😊
Rachael SteelRachael Steel
01:18 23 Feb 22
A fantastic boxing studio. Jen & Burak are amazing.I’ve learnt so much and all the trainers are so patient and helpful. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to box properly and gain overall fitness!
Dayanny BergmannDayanny Bergmann
04:25 08 Nov 21
I have been doing boxing for a while with Burak.His boxing style and his techniques are incredible if you want to learn boxing quick and in the right way.Urban Boxing Sydney is a brand new boxing gym, where you can take group classes or even a private class. Great environment and exciting classes to relive the stress and get fit!!! 👌🏽💪🏽

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