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Meet The Head Coach

Meet Burak Sari, a powerhouse born in Turkey’s vibrant landscape in 1988, whose love for sports blossomed early and evolved into a fervent boxing career by age sixteen. His decade-long journey from 2010 to 2020 saw him flourish through 18 intense amateur and professional bouts, absorbing wisdom and finesse from boxing’s finest. But Burak’s passion didn’t stop at personal achievement; he became a guiding force for aspiring boxers across Turkey, culminating in the establishment of ‘Urban Boxing Turkey’ in 2018, a sanctuary for both seasoned and recreational boxing devotees.

Now in Sydney, Burak is your dedicated coach, ready to unpack his trove of experience, skill, and unyielding enthusiasm to help you demolish your limitations and craft your own success story, whether you’re in it for professional glory or personal triumph. The ring is set, your gloves are waiting, and a world of strength, strategy, and resilience beckons.

Ready to redefine your limits? Dive in, train with intent, and emerge a champion with Burak by your side! 

Burak Sari

Urban Boxing Owner & Coach

Our Core Values

Where Heart Meets Hustle

Urban Boxing & Fitness pulses with the rhythm of gloves on bags, an epicentre of determination and unity. More than a gym, we’re a family, bound by a collective pursuit of excellence. Every challenge becomes a joint venture, every victory, a shared celebration.

Strength in Solidarity

Our power resides in our solidarity. Every strike, every cheer echoes with communal energy. Successes and setbacks alike are shared experiences here, forging bonds that transcend the physical space of our gym and creating an empowering network.

Sweat, Smile, Repeat

Urban Boxing & Fitness is where exhilaration meets endurance. Fun is not a diversion, but a principle. Every smile is a triumph, every laugh a testament to our ethos. In this space, we lift spirits as readily as we do weights, nurturing both mind and body.

Personalised Paths to Boxing Mastery

One-on-One with the Best: Tailored Training for All Levels

Welcome to a space where your boxing potential is limitless, powered by Urban Boxing’s unparalleled one-on-one personal training. With us, every level is catered to, every goal is within reach, and every session is a step towards greatness. Our personal training, underscored by Burak’s 19+ years of boxing acumen, is more than a workout; it’s a personalized journey crafted to unlock your unique potential and surpass your every expectation. From foundational techniques for novices to advanced strategies for seasoned boxers, we provide comprehensive, individualized guidance. Begin your transformation today — excellence is waiting!

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Years Experienced

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Years Experienced

1-on-1 Private Lessons​

Urban Boxing's 1-on-1 lessons are your personalized gateway to empowerment. Relieve stress, boost confidence, and find your balance in sessions that transform body and spirit. Experience targeted improvements in strength, coordination, and fitness, all within a customized, result-driven framework. It's more than training; it's your journey to a better you.

Kids Boxing Classes​

Urban Boxing's youth program is a crucible for growth, enhancing both body and mind. Our training instills discipline, fosters self-control, sharpens concentration, and refines motor skills, building a foundation of confidence in every young member. Here, kids strengthen their physique while nurturing a competitive spirit, developing leadership skills, and learning to make quick, effective decisions. It's not just boxing; it's a roadmap to resilience and empowerment.

Transform Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

The Power of Boxing

Embrace boxing’s journey, where each punch builds strength, every round sharpens focus, and the entire journey fosters unshakeable resilience.

Step Into the Challenge

Sparring Fighter Class Test Your Might

Ready for the real test? Our Sparring Classes are where theory meets action, available through our inclusive membership or for a drop-in fee. Every Thursday evening, step into the ring with the necessary gear — a mouthguard, headgear, and 16oz gloves — and put your skills to the ultimate test. These sessions, under strict supervision, offer a platform to apply learned techniques, challenge your reflexes, and refine your in-ring strategy, all while promoting resilience and sportsmanship. Whether through consistent training with a membership or the flexibility of single sessions, your boxing journey adapts to your lifestyle, ensuring an experience as dedicated as you are.


Real Results, Real Testimonials

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Lizard KingLizard King
05:18 21 Sep 23
Lovely family owned business, fantastic group boxing classes. Great value, no contract, and great time in the evenings. The staff are always so welcoming and supportive. I recommend to everyone!
07:33 29 Apr 23
I’ve trained in quite a few gyms in NSW and overseas, Urban Boxing Gym is a stand out for me. I like technical training and cardio this gym caters for both. Burak and Jen are genuine people who ensure you are getting the most out of your training. If you are a beginner or have been boxing a while this gym is for you. 10/10.
Christopher EggletonChristopher Eggleton
02:33 07 Mar 23
Very professional and the best trainers
Cennet SariCennet Sari
05:58 13 Feb 23
Iesha BrownIesha Brown
09:31 11 Oct 22
Just started at Urban Boxing and i’m already addicted! Jen is so lovely and welcoming and Burak is a great teacher who knows what he’s doing. Can’t recommend them enough! Worth the drive for sure 😊
Rachael SteelRachael Steel
01:18 23 Feb 22
A fantastic boxing studio. Jen & Burak are amazing.I’ve learnt so much and all the trainers are so patient and helpful. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to box properly and gain overall fitness!
Dayanny BergmannDayanny Bergmann
04:25 08 Nov 21
I have been doing boxing for a while with Burak.His boxing style and his techniques are incredible if you want to learn boxing quick and in the right way.Urban Boxing Sydney is a brand new boxing gym, where you can take group classes or even a private class. Great environment and exciting classes to relive the stress and get fit!!! 👌🏽💪🏽

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